Hello, my name is Patrice Torguet.

I'm a French Assistant Professor (Maître de Conférences) at
Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse
and I do my research at the IRIT laboratory.

Some information about me :
I live in Toulouse in the south west of France.
I have other homepages : at IRIT and
on geocities

Teaching (information only available in french)
Vous pouvez aussi utiliser l'URL (redirection grâce à

Virtual Reality

My research work is focused on Distributed Virtual Reality (DVR) and
more specifically MMVEs (Massively Multiuser Virtual Environments) and MMOGs (Massively Multiuser Online Games).

I am co-author of the 3rd volume of the following book (in french) which presents Virtual Reality:
Traité de la réalité virtuelle,
P. Fuchs, G. Moreau et 72 auteurs, 4 volumes,
Les Presses de l'Ecole des Mines de Paris,, mars 2006.

This book is freely available for students here.

I'm also working on the High Level Architecture. Here is some information (in french).

In french : Présentation à l'ASTI.

Of course I'm also interested in other VR systems.
Here you can find some interesting links:



Role Playing Games


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