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Hialmar's story so far:

Hello my name is Hialmar and I am and orphan adopted by Gerhardt, Knights in Silver guard, who lives in the Hunter's district of Silverymoon.
Gerhardt retired one year before the start of my adventure.
I spent most of my youth near barracks so I decided to become a soldier. As I was also very pious for my God, Helm, I decided to become a palladin.
Now I'm searching for a first position in my carreer and naturally decided to become a Knights in Silver member as my adopting father.

I met a lady knight who taught me a lot about knights in silver. 
Her name is AszŻne Whisperwind ((Player Asolina/Alara)).
Later the same day I had a talk with a commander ((DM Sintaqx)) at Moor gate and the commander told me that his superiors will contact me about my request to become a knight.
I was very anxious about this contact and so I did not sleep of the night...
((the DM Sintaqx will ask the HDM for a house for my father in the 
Hunter's district.))

I met the Commander again ((this time DM - Duck)). He told me the process to become a guard.
This process is :
- the knights assign the postulant a mentor.
- the mentor trains the postulant by teaching him the skills and knowledge required.
- the postulant follows the mentor on the patrols and learn first hand what a knight does.
- then when the mentor thinks he is ready he will take the trials.
The trials are mostly interviews done by commanders.
The commander said that he will talk with the lady knight Whisperwind in order for her to become Hialmar's mentor.
I would be very honored if she accepts.
((DM - Duck will build me a home in Hunters))

The council and the High guard captain have decided to make me a recruit. It's the best day in my life.

A bit later this week :
I had a difficult experience today. I found an entrance to the Goodman's district sewers. There I found two very dangerous rats that almost killed me

I learned the bad way that even a very civilized city like Silverymoon can be very dangerous.
Later that day I met a man called Seva at the bright blade brandished inn. This man organizes caravans that work from and to Silverymoon. Seva proposed me a job as a caravan guard. 
I politely refused but if things turn bad with the knights 
I might reconsider his offer.
I also met a young lady called Jennie ((player bfleck - Canadian who speaks french)) who kindly healed me magically. The innkeeper told us that we shouldn't magic in the inn...

I also asked the innkeeper for a job which indicated me a lumber jack who might need help. He is around the corner to the inn (near the market). I will check that later.

First Campaign session :

I met two women at the blade today :
Adlea Colds shaman from the Elk tribe (in the toundra?).
Illana Tallowfeather from a village in the moonwood.

Illana told Adlea and me about werebeasts who are more and more in the moonwood and now attack
by day (which is very unusual).

She told us that in order to help we should contact Lady Faralune High Priestess of Selune.

Lady Faralune told us :
That a logging town, Quaeervarr, is constantly attacked.
recently the werebeasts have become organized.
Illana was abducted by werebeasts and taken to be sacrificed to Malar. 
The Beasts of Malar are the right hand of The Hunter (Malar).
They have been seen in the forest. They are vicious spirits which inhabits the willing body of Hunter's followers and transform them in a great hunting cat (or other animal).
A High priest of Malar might be organising everything.
Faralune doesn't know where the werebeasts are from.

She asked us Flowers for a ritual. Those flowers have to be seeked in the lands near Sundabar.
They bloom at night only.
At day they are impossible to find.
They glow softly in the moonlight illuminating the area around them.
They are called Moonglow or Selune's Eyes.
Adlea had heard of them.

She told us to see Luscor, from the Hunter's district scriptorium who might help us find them.
Also as Sundabar is far and we must go through frozen lands we should buy warm clothes.
Adlea has some and Hialmar should buy some.

We went to see Luscor. He told us that Selune's Eyes grow in wet rocky areas. They cling to stones.
He also gave us some books for lady Faralune.
When we delivered them. Lady Faralune was talking with a strange woman who appeared very cold and quite unfriendly to us.
We had to wait while they spoke.

We finally gave the book and lady Faralune assigned us the strange lady who weren't very pleased at the beginning but who is at the orders of lady Faralune.
Her name is Kataney Brinn she is rashemeni and therefore she speaks strangely.

After buying some clothes we travelled towards Sundabar.
Kataney served as a scout (she can almost disappear completly by being stealthy) and helped us avoid many people and monsters (a strange scout woman and later ogres).
However we couldn't avoid some barbarians that we had to attack. 
I was nearly killed (again) by one of them.
I learned that you should not use melee weapon when you are not very experimented as I am.

We also tried to ambush ogres but they went away.
Kataney told to me that Helm would not be very pleased to know that a palladin would try to use ambush.
I was a bit uneasy at that moment.

However we met a drow elf who knows Kataney (he told her name) and is apparently her ennemy.
She was very very afraid and went running to a small village near Sundabar (in the Sundabar Vale).
The drow disappeared.

Adlea and I searched the flowers for a time and then Kataney went to find us with a Militia guard.
We decided to go in the village in order to avoid that drow.
In the village I asked the guard about someone who knows flowers and he told me that there is
a man called Dabben who run around hills almost nude speaking with plants and animals. 
He told me that he is a crazy old guy...
We went into an inn and after a while we decided to go to bed. 
At this moment the old "natural" guy went inside the inn because he knew (maybe because
of that guard) that we were searching flowers.
The old man is strange but not as crazy as some would say. He accepted to help us when we told
him that we were on an errand for lady Faralune. We followed him through lands near Sundabar and
he finally let us find the flowers (he had to go away a bit before we found them however).
He also told us that as they are sacred flowers we should not take them outwardly.
We found the flowers near a waterfall.
Kataney who follows Selune and Adlea who is a shaman made a very ceremonious ritual and
we took the flowers. Here is a photo of that.

We then went back to Silverymoon without problems ((DM Sintaqx teleported us)).

Between campaign sessions :
I met my new Mentor, AszŻne.
She showed me the goodman's district barracks, Here are photos of the barracks.
the city walls and the canoon that defend Silverymoon from Pirate vessels (never had to serve however).

She decided to show me a patrol through the moonwood.
But before she kindly bought me a sling and bullets
(I should use range weapons while I'm not experimented and a sling can be used with a buckler).
We then went to the Bright Blades Brandished and met a woman called Breena Goid that AszŻne knew.
We decided to go on the patrol together but we waited for the dawn, talking.
We talked about the werebeasts and about the late drow friend of AszŻne, lady Aeluren, and how she
My mentor taught me that all drows are not evil and that most humanoids are not as we think they are.
She fought beside orcs when Waterdeep was attacked for example.

When day dawned we went to the Moonwood.
At the beginning evrything was calm.
AszŻne showed us the cave where lady Aeluren wanted to build an altar to her Goddess.
We went back outside and AszŻne showed us a Malar altar that lady Faralune tries to destroy (maybe
the flowers were for that). It is impervious to normal dammage.. 
Then we went a bit northern and we were attacked by orcs (I helped kill one or two from afar with my
sling, by the way) and then by worgs who appeared behind us. I was a bit afraid but as my mentor taught me I took my courage and... run for it. :-)
My mentor and Breena finished the orcs and worgs while I healed me (I almost get killed again).
AszŻne healed Breena who was also badly hit.
And we decides that was enough for the day.
We returned to Silverymoon and later to the inn and we parted ways.

later this same month :
While I was going to see Lady Faralune, I met Kataney and we talked about the drow elf. She told me she thinks it was Aeluren. She also made clear that AszŻne and Aeluren were more than friends and that it disgusted her.
I then met Adlea who went to search a new armor.
While waiting for her to return I met AszŻne and we had a tensed talk about the drow elf apparitions (its a bit like a ghost) and who Kataney thought it was. AszŻne was upset that I thought this could be real (that the drow is Aeluren) just because Kataney told me. Apparently they are not on good terms. At the end of the talk I excused myself and AszŻne was okay.
She wants me to report to her if I see the drow apparition again.
Adlea returned with her armor and about at that time strange things started to happen :
thunder strikes around Selune's temple.
We talked about that with lady Faralune and she investigated that with magic. We did not find anything though.
Later AszŻne talked with Kataney and Kataney admitted reluctantly that she could be wrong about the drow being Aeluren's ghost. She then fled.
AszŻne, Adlea and I talked a bit then about deities and several things related to our quest.
Then a soldier teleported in. It was a soldier from Sundabar telling that it was attacked by barbarians.
AszŻne and Adlea went to help at Sundabar with a Knights in Silver detachement.
We decided that it was too dangerous for me and that I should replace a Knight in Silverymoon while this one took my place in the detachement.

Met Illana Tallowfeather at the BBB again.
Talked about the ritual.
Adlea arrived.
Lady Mary of Sensbane ((player Ceodryn : french)) joined us.
We went to see the ritual of lady Faralune.
Here are some photos of this ritual.
Here is what I think I learnt (it's not very clear though) :
Barbarians transformed into werewolves by a priest.
He is an Half-elf priest.
Tennelik : barbarian.
Priest : Andar
Seleman leads the raid.
A werewolf is not happy : he was to lead it.
Andar told him that he would do a Better task :
There will be Visitors in the grove
4 werewolves are to kill hem
Andar : something strange. feels us ?
Looks at me...
Breaks ritual.
Faralune is tired.
Illana told us that Andar was the one who tried to sacrifice her.
Deep in the moonwood : temple to Malar : Claw Hollow.
Illana told us : They are going to attack my village
She needs to warn them
Her village is a full day from Quaervarr.
We talked about the vision :
Group protecting the grove from 4 people (thos might be us)

We then went to Isiolia's (jeweler) to see if medallions are done.
Those are Silver medallions
We brought back the medallions to Faralune.
Now we have to wait for a tenday or so. 

Later I Talked with Adlea about her journeys.
I have agreed to Ask Aszune : where is the pass to the icewind dale ?